nsESA and SDP

Hi guys

this has probably been asked before i have looked but probably not hard enough or missed it

i have a tenant who when i spoke to him he said he was in receipt of cbESA – i gave him advice to claim SDP so we can claim HB and avoid the mess of UC – he rang DWP and they were sending a form out in the post – so we proceeded with a HB claim knowing it would be rejected but challenge it until the SDP is in place and the HB would be awarded. he does not have a current HB award so no current SDP currently in payment.

however he has now told me (or more so his partner who he does not live with) that actually it is nsESA (hes in the Support group/LCWRA) he said he receives £207p/f with a £10p/f deduction which doesnt add up either- he has received a form from DWP which is the ESA3 form and ive told him to fill it out

but now im questioning whether he can add the SDP onto nsESA as ive never dealt with this before as luckily its always been cbESA

is it possible or is his option only UC

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