NSESA and furlough

I am not sure if this a covid related or normal ESA issue but as furlough is involved I am posting it here.

Customer was diagnosed with breast cancer nearly a year ago.  To date she’s had 3 surgeries, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and is currently on a 3 week cycle of treatment drugs and taking tamoxifen for 10 years.  Also has two frozen shoulders.

She has 2 part time jobs.

Job 1 paid 6 months full pay and 6 months half pay.  She is now on unpaid authorised sick leave.

Job 2 paid 6 months full pay.  From this ending the employer has paid her under the furlough scheme.  It is a business that has been unable to trade throughout the pandemic.

As she has paid the relevant NICs in job 1 can she claim new style ESA whilst being paid for job 2 provided that job 2 meets the eligibility criteria of permitted work? I am not sure as it’s not a new job, but her previous one which she has had an enforced break from through furlough, but am confused.

Can she get furlough from job 2 and claim NSESA from job 1’s NICs at the same time. If she can, the easier route might be to remain on furlough until the end of Sept, if the employer could do it.

I have looked stuff up but can’t find an answer just on 2 jobs, let alone throwing furlough in, and my head hurts.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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