Non-prescribed bandages

My client has Hidradenitis Suppurativa, causing multiple abcesses to form on her body (159 at the time of her PIP application) that constantly burst and reform.  She manages the puss and tries to prevent further infection with a combination of plasters, bandages, germoline and sanitary pads. The plasters (UrgoTul absorb border dressings) are the only thing prescribed, the rest is bought from the pound shop. She needs to put a sanitary towel over the plaster then secure it with a bandage otherwise they just fall off when they get wet, particularly during the night.

We are arguing for 3e for the assistance needed in changing these dressings. The DWP has just ignored the whole concept in its decision.

What has slightly thrown me is a reference in the CPAG handbook (P.738) to needing help to fit “prescribed bandages.” The reference, PM v SSWP P[2018] UKUT 138 (AAC), does make reference to the compression bandage in that case being prescribed but does not seem to make any issue out of this fact, it is just what it is. Her specialist is aware that she is using pads/bandages that are not on prescription and has expressed sympathy for the cost of this, so I don’t see any problem with the bit in the Regs about ‘prescribed or recommended by a Dr, etc.’

Do I need to worry about the non-prescribed dressings or is this just CPAG adding a word that doesn’t need to be there into its handbook for simplicity?

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