New UC claim – managed migration of LCWRA, SDP & fit notes Practical questions!

Hi all
Am trying to assist a client by telephone but have a few questions which I shamefully do not know the answer too – call it covid brain! Remote working instead of outreach which makes it a little trickier as can’t see the UC questions the client is being asked…

So, client is on ESA (LCWAR) including SDP, gets child benefit for 1 yo son (been living with his mother), HB, CTR & PIP.  His partner and child have moved in and she works part time (15-20 hrs a week) earning £600 a month.  Better off calculation shows UC as being higher than legacy but as no one gets child tax credit, this would prompt a claim to UC anyway.

1) does he have to close his ESA claim before submitting their UC claim?
2) the LCWRA should be transferred to his UC so does he need to provide a fit note? Can’t get past the fit note question on the online UC claim.
3) will he automatically receive the sdp transitional payment?
4) HB receive notification from UC but does the CTR part continue or does a new claim need to be made?
5) will he automatically receive the legacy run on for ESA & HB/CTR?
6) his ongoing deductions for an ESA & HB overpayment – can he make separate arrangements for these or will he have deductions from his UC?

Thank you!

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