Moving from LCW to LCWWRA?

I almost can’t believe I’ve never been asked this before…
Client is receiving NSESA with LCW awarded on appeal on 4/5/20 which is due to end in August after his 365 days entitlement expires. However since he was assessed he has been diagnosed with and treated for mental health problems and believes he may now have LCWWRA. What is the best way to pursue this? Is there a way that might lead to a decision in time to extend his NSESA entitlement? The client is desperate not to claim UC due to his wife’s ESA, despite the fact that they would (in theory at least) be better off on UC. His goal in making an NSESA only claim was to buy himself time while waiting for a decision on medical retirement, allowing him to access his occupational pension; this has now been refused and he is unable to appeal the decision until he’s been terminated on capability grounds (his employer seems to be dragging feet on this). I have advised that he can claim CA for caring for his wife (PIP in place) with only a very small drop in income (which in Scotland is made up by the CA Supplement) but he seems reluctant to go down this route either.
Thanks in advance.

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