MoJ looking at how to ‘ensure access to justice in a way that best meets people’s needs’

MoJ has published a document that summarises its evidence needs over the next 3 to 5 years … it includes –

Ensure access to justice in a way that best meets people’s needs

We want to improve the way people are supported in their interactions with the justice system, to target timely and efficient resolutions that lead to positive and sustainable outcomes for all parties involved.

To do this we need to enrich our understanding of people who access the system and, critically, those who do not, so we can ensure people have swift access to a system that meets their needs. This includes greater understanding of their backgrounds, legal capabilities and the impact of new technology. We want to better understand the efficiency and effectiveness of all stages in the justice system, to inform process improvements that will remove bottlenecks and costs that impact outcomes.

We need to understand how different forms of early legal advice and support can work effectively for different groups, ensuring they can connect with the most appropriate services and achieve the best outcomes.

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