MIxed age UC claim both LCWRA – can either claim carer element/allowance for UC/Council Tax Reduction?

I have a client with terminal cancer who lives with his wife.  He is 66 and has just started receiving state pension. 
His wife receives contribution-based ESA Support group.  They are claiming UC and receive a LCWRA element in calculation.  They both receive maximum DL/mob PIP. 

Can wife claim carer element in UC (as husband would count as LCWRA by virtue of his PIP and being pension age?)  Or can’t she do this because she is on ESA?

Even if not, should she claim carer’s allowance which she wouldn’t receive due to overlapping benefits rule in order to claim a carer element in calculation of council tax reduction?

When I try to use QBC benefit calculator it just flashes up a warning “The rules are ambiguous” which doesn’t help much.

Can anyone help?

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