Member of couple absent from GB – practicality

Hope this is a quick and easy one.  We know that:

– a member of a couple can claim UC as single person in various situations, including when the other partner is physically absent from GB; and
– their income and capital are still aggregated if the situation lasts for no longer than six months

I gather that DWP’s favoured method for gathering details of income and capital is to get the ineligible partner to make a claim, even though this does not have any legal effect on the date of the eligible partner’s entitlement: it’s just a convenient way of asking the relevant questions.  I can see how that is workable when the ineligible partner is physically in GB and has NRPF etc.  But what about cases where the ineligible partner is outside GB: will the system accept a claim if the user is at a location outside GB?  Is that still the preferred method of evidence gathering?


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