May I check this scenario is not UC?

Couple – one now on state pension (age 66) the other ten years younger

Both were on CESA until the older person went on to SRP

The older partner was the claimant for IRESA up to pension age

Reached pension age Dec 2020 – so after May 2019 but before end of SDP Gateway so can’t claim PC but were protected .from being pushed on to UC at the time.

Younger person remains on CESA, Support Group

Both have enhanced rate PIP Daily Living

Both have underlying CA

Housing Benefit in payment including 2x carer premium, one SDP, couple rate of HB is ‘pension age pre April 2021’

They appear to have no other means tested support at the moment

Figures indicate IRESA is payable if younger claimant is eligible to claim it

But….can they?

I’d argue IRESA claim is not a new claim but a change to/continuation of the CESA claim and so it isn’t a UC matter.

Any thoughts? Mine are now too tangled to be of any use.

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