Mandatory reconsideration (written) requests

Just taken a call from a distressed client who has been turned down for PIP after a phone assessment. Gave her the usual spiel about registering an MR over the phone, giving details as to why she wants to challenge , etc. Two further calls received in the first of which she was told categorically by PIP that she needed to lodge her request in writing and that they could not deal with this on the phone. I suggested she might want to ring back and speak to a different adviser who should know that this was not the case. Final call in which a by now frustrated client told me she has now been told that it would be in “her best interests” to put her request in writing as he (the PIP helpline operator) could only take a few details as they didn’t have “enough space” to take full details.
I know that this has been discussed elsewhere on this forum as to the correctness (or otherwise) of this advice, but is anyone aware as to whether there has been a change of policy or guidance recently or is anyone else encountering this hurdle?
Curiously enough the second operator could see that the first call had been registered as an MR request but that it contained no details as to why…

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