Mandatory reconsideration only via specific form?

One of our clients recently received a decision giving him LCW (decision 01/05), which we have submitted an MR regarding, to try and seek an LCWRA award. I normally just copy and paste an MR request onto the person’s journal, and this is accepted and registered to be reviewed. The original UC decision – as always – says, in the section about ‘if you disagree with our decision’: You, or someone who has the authority to act for you, can phone us or use your journal to request a written explanation. You will need to do this within one month of the date of this letter.”

However in this case for some reason, the JobCentre replied on the journal asking for documents supporting his MR to be uploaded to his journal, and then to be emailed to the JobCentre’s generic email address. They have now added this message to his journal, saying that I need to complete the online form, and then send to the UC freepost address (

This feels really unnecessary to me, given that every other MR I’ve ever submitted for a client re: their UC has been submitted and then accepted via their journal. Is it possible to ignore this message, and ask via the journal that they just accept the MR that has already been placed on the journal and sent by email?

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