MAC on UC Moving To Specified Accommodation – HB Calculation

Hello – long time reader, first time questioner.

I have a MAC who are in receipt of UC in one of our Housing Association bungalows. It’s difficult to get the full picture, but I believe their award now includes the Transitional SDP Element, following Mr winning his PIP appeal late last year. He is State Pension Age, she has ESA SG and PIP. The original UC award was made up of Standard Allowance, Housing Element, LCWRA for Mrs, Carer Element for Mr. They do not actually receive a UC payment as the deductions for rent, advance and social fund leave them with nothing.

They are looking to move into specified accommodation. If the Housing Element is removed from their UC, it will leave a minimal amount in payment (although again this will be deducted for repayments). When HB is assessed, will this have any effect, or will HB just assess as a MAC with 2 x SDP?
Any advice greatly appreciated.


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