Loss of PIP and carer’s allowance during Hospital stay

Hi all,

I have a client who is appointee for her 18 year old son who is receiving PIP and has been in hospital since 16/06/20. (so over 28 days)  She also receives income support and carer’s allowance.  Client has been desperately trying to contact the relevant benefit offices but she cannot get through to anyone and was once on hold for 2 hours.  It is expected that he will stay in till end of September/beginning of October so potentially over 3 months. 

I have a number of questions:
What is the best way of helping her to inform them? I was thinking of drafting her letters and getting her to sign them while she keeps trying the lines.
My resources state that his PIP, her Carer’s allowance and therefore her income support should stop if he has been in hospital over 28 days (which has now already happened) It sounds like she will have to claim Universal credit too which sounds totally harsh as its not a permanent change and of course that means her housing benefit will stop during the process.  (though am aware of the 2 week payment during the change over)
Will she have to claim Universal credit?!  And I take it she can’t until her other benefits have stopped which she can’t inform them of because she can’t get through to anyone. 

N.B.  Client son did not turn 18 while in hospital, he did so before admission.
I asked if he was in receipt of UC but he is not.  She was supposed to be getting help from adult services with this for him as he had just turned 18 in April and was in the child services system for his health but then Covid happened and then he was placed in hospital.

Thank you for any replies in advance

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