LMI on UC where income precludes claim

ADM memo 8/18: Loans for mortgage interest

Single claimant
6 For the purpose of the regulations a claimant refers to both a single claimant and joint
claimant. This includes an individual (or individuals in the case of joint claimants) who
1. for a single person, has made a claim for and is entitled to IS, JSA(IB), ESA(IR),
SPC or UC or
2. has made a claim for and is not entitled to IS, JSA(IB), ESA(IR) or SPC by
reason only that they have income equal to or exceeding the applicable amount
but less than the sum of the applicable amount and loan payment that they will
be able to get

Does #2 mean that a single claimant of UC whose only entitlement would be due to mortgage costs can’t get LMI as they’re not treated as a claimant due to excess income?

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