LHA freeze

as reported here https://www.rightsnet.org.uk/welfare-rights/news/item/government-says-it-is-right-to-freeze-local-housing-allowances-as-rents-are-potentially-going-down
“The decision made last year was to increase to the 30th percentile in cash terms – that is around £1 billion of welfare support that has been added. On consideration, we felt it was right to continue the cash freeze as we recognise that around the country we are seeing rents potentially going down, although I recognise that in some places they may continue to rise. Overall, people have certainty in the amount of cash that they have. It is certainly not going back but about making sure that this is a permanent change and was not just a temporary one.”

That appears to suggest that LHA is now frozen in cash terms in perpetuity. Am I being particularly negative or can someone put a more constructive spin on this?

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