LCWRA element when moving from ESA to UC

Just want to check I’m not missing anything obvious here.

Mixed-age couple where older partner was ESA claimant and in support group. ESA award stopped when he reached State Pension age so advising needs to claim Universal Credit in order to get any help with housing costs as HB award also stopped.

Because there is a gap between ESA award stopping and new UC claim going in, he can’t take advantage of reg.19 of UC Transitional Provision regs which would otherwise allow LCWRA element from day 1 of UC claim.

As such, he’s going to need to supply fit notes and seek new WCA in order to try and get LCWRA element paid from 13 weeks – no way around it? Is that correct because this is very distressing if so and yet another example of just how bad this change has been.

Any ideas, thanks for responses.

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