LCWRA & Carer elements

Both partners assessed as having LCWRA in a UC claim. Male is the claimant for whom the element is in payment so i’m thinking that female could potentially have carer element included if she meets eligibility criteria as her LCWRA is not attracting the payment of the LCWRA element?

I looked at Reg 29 [F2(4) Where an amount would, apart from this paragraph, be included in an award in relation to a claimant by virtue of paragraphs (1) to (3), and the claimant has limited capability for work and work-related activity (and, in the case of joint claimants, the LCWRA element has not been included in respect of the other claimant), only the LCWRA element may be included in respect of the claimant.]

I read that as confirming that male could not get LCWRA and Carer element but just want to double check that she isn’t precluded due to her LCWRA status.

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