JR against a very old tax credit overpayment recovery

Hi all, hoping for a reply from Jess Strode but also from any/everyone else who can help
Friend on UC has just had a recovery for a supposed old tax credit debt taken from her UC claim.  UC initially said it was a HB overpayment before backtracking and saying it is an old tax credit op.
Her youngest is now in his late twenties!  She clearly recalls that the only tax credit issue it could be goes back until about 2003/4 and had a home visit from one of the few welsh speaking tax credit people who confirmed at the time that there was no overpayment.  Obviously, as is usual, she can get no info/contact with UC debt recovery.  Therefore I am going to help with a JR pre-action letter.
I recall that way back when there was a date that tax credit overpayments from a certain length of time ago could not be recovered – can anyone remember this and link me to the info
Has anyone got a template JR letter for UC stated they cannot recover an old debt that they cannot provide any information about it’s actual existance or not
Need to get recovery stopped asap as she has not enough left to live on

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