Is this possible?

C claims UC 30 August 2018. C finally gets WCA in April 2019. C chases up LCW decision for a few months but then gets transitional SDP payment in August 2019 and thinks this means they have agreed she can’t work so stops chasing LCW decision. In March 2020 C finally gets a decision that she doesn’t have LCW, she disputes this but this isn’t treated as MR request. In October 2020 a very helpful man at local JC+ submits MR and starts new WCA process in November. In March 2021 C gets LCWRA decision back to November. Now C comes to me. I chase up MR of March 2020 decision and last week C receives MRN for the March 2020 decision: they have decided she has LCWRA but, and this is the bit I don’t understand, they explicitly state that it only applies from March 2020 to November 2020. So not from the date when she told them she couldn’t work, and not from the date of the WCA but from the date of the (very tardy) original decision.

I am thinking the March 2020 decision was that C didn’t have LCW starting from 30 August 2018, so how is it possible for a reconsideration to conclude that she did have LCWRA at the date of the decision, but not at the date of the WCA or the start of the WCA process? It seems mad. Obviously we’ll be appealing, but I just wonder if anybody can explain if such a MRN decision could ever be correct?

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