Income Support 2 week run-on

Hello everyone

I’m getting a little confused about an aspect of the IS 2 week run-on that came into force on 22nd July for people who claimed UC.

As far as I can see from the regs, you get the run-on payment if you were in receipt of IS at the date of your UC claim, full stop. However, I’ve seen a couple of references that imply that you only get the run-on IF you would also continue to be entitled to IS during the run-on period (for example, and CPAG makes no reference to this (p.246) when discussing the run-on.

In the case I have, the client claimed UC a couple of days before his IS was due to end following an 8-week run-on after carer’s allowance stopping (so he claimed UC on 21st September, and IS was due to end on 23rd). I can’t find any references in the regs themselves to support the assertion that in this case, this chap’s IS run-on would only continue to the 23rd, the date that his IS would have stopped anyway. Anyone any thoughts or can shed any light on this?



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