HRT Polish national , in UK since 2005

My client has made 3 claims for UC all refused as no right to reside, my local JCP has asked me to see if I can help as they feel very sorry for her, cl is single female, one child who has a disability for which the child gets DLA, my client says she has worked as a cleaner in the past but has no evidence of work, or any of the other grounds for a right to reside according to JCP. My client has no relatives in the UK, on the face of it she has been here surviving here since May 2005 , child born 2007.

yes I know it all sounds rather implausible , I do not know what she has lived on other than occasional wages adn DLA and as to housing costs again at present I in the dark.  Claimant has an ‘in time’ application to EUSS

Any suggestion please

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