HRT and UC – client not meeting the criteria to be automatically treated as a worker

I have an EEA client with pre-settled status who is being supported by the local council because she has 3 children (2 in education, the other aged 3). She has managed to secure some work but is not earning £720 per month. She earned £615 in June/July but said that for July/August she will be paid slightly less. She is contracted to work 10 hours per week in a cleaning job. I am looking for arguments to get her treated as a worker so she can claim UC successfully. Has anyone had any success with this before that could let me have any pointers? I want to put in an MR but need something good to hang it on. The council are making noises about stopping the Section 17 support for the family. Any help welcome,
p.s my client has been refused UC multiple times previously as she was not working

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