Housing element backdated pay

Hi guys, hopefully a quick question:

I have a client who is receiving Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP).  Upon reviewing her benefits I noticed that she was receiving the under 35 Local Housing Allowance (LHA) for some time even though she is in receipt of PIP.
I advised her to ask for backdated money on her UC journal and she has received it.

However, the backdated money takes her over the £6,000 in savings (I don’t know why she was receiving DHP if she had any savings at all but that’s probably another story!)

Does this now work in the same way that backdated PIP works?  In that the money she has received is disregarded for 52 weeks?
There is also the problem of her DHP that she is still getting till January 2022.  Should I be telling her to inform the council so they stop paying her?  Do they try and recoup DHP upon realising that there are savings she could have been using?

Thank you for any help/advice in advance.

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