housing costs and UC

Not sure if anyone can throw some light on something I keep seeing. I work for one of the acting charities and am helping with administration of one of the funds set up to help people in the theatre/ acting world. As part of the process I am doing a quick check to make sure their benefits look ok. I have started to see a few cases where the person is a joint tenant in a shared house but in addition to dividing up the rent between the number of joint tenants and applying shared room rate ( because they are under 35) UC are also making 3 non dependant deductions where there are 4 tenants and yet there do not appear to be any non dependants- only the 4 joint tenants. I am suggesting people get their benefits checked but am starting to wonder if it is a glitch in the system- would be interested to know if anyone has come across this before ?
Thanks Sue

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