Housing benefit official error issue

I am currently helping a client with housing benefit issue and it has now come to light the client has been underpaid LHA for past 4yrs. It relates to an extra bedroom entitlement for her disabled son.

HB have agreed it is an underpayment and are calculating figure poss 10/12,000 +compensation refund/payment, however cl has now been told they would need to recover from LL when paid. The cl has had 2 private LLs in this period and obviously does not want the refund to go to them.

There is no arrears because the cl made up the shortfall every week HB has always been paid direct to LL. The cl has 2 bedroom property currently and 3 children and is planning to move to 3 bedroom shortly. Cl also receives IS,CTC,CTS not sure how the payment would also effect these ?

Any advice much appreciated

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