Historic Rent Arrears (Housing Costs Related) LA and HA not letting people bid on properties until debt is cleared.

Just looking for a bit of feed back if possible on anyone who has come up against LA and HA not letting people bid on properties if they have historic rent arrears or housing related debt.

Its fair to say that all HA and LA have a Housing Allocations Policy which states that anyone with housing debt are excluded from bidding on properties until the debt is cleared, had a payment plan in for a certain amount of time or reduced to a amount that they deem acceptable.

However lots are now using “Housing Related Costs” to include any debt owed to the Council. So for example someone who got fined for leaving their bin out was excluded until they had paid the fine (that was being collected by a third party). Others include Council Tax arrears, HB Overpayments and Court Costs.

What next? Late returning a Library book and you wont be allowed to bid until you pay the £1.50 fine.

Has anyone had any success in helping people bid on properties whilst owing the LA or HA money.

Many thanks

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