HB childcare earnings disregard where student gets childcare grant

Hi Folks

We’ve been contacted by a lone parent (in England) who works and gets child tax credit and working tax credit including a childcare element. She also gets HB and her calculation includes an additional childcare earnings disregard. She is thinking of starting an open university undergraduate degree course which she will do alongside her employment.

As well as maintenance loan she expects to get a childcare grant.

I can see from CPAG’s student support and benefits handbook that you cannot get a childcare grant at the same time as the childcare element in WTC. She would prefer to get the grant as this covers a higher % of costs and is also disregarded as income for benefits purposes.

What I’m not sure about is whether her HB calculation still includes an additional childcare earnings disregard where she is getting help with her childcare costs via the grant rather than via the WTC childcare element?  I am hoping it does but need to confirm.



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