Further entitlement to CBESA after time-limiting

Where entitlement to ESA(Cont), has been terminated because it exceeded 365 days and the claimant reports a deterioration in their health condition or makes a further claim for ESA(Cont) and the claimant had, or is treated as having had, LCW since the previous entitlement ended and the claimant satisfies the basic conditions of entitlement and the DM determines that the claimant has, or is treated as having, LCWRA, the claimant is entitled to an award of ESA(Cont), even though they do not satisfy the contribution conditions.

So, if someone reports a deterioration via a new claim (as opposed to a request for a supersession), the only route would be a new claim for NSESA. Would the claim, if successful, then be NSESA rather than old style ESA, even though it will be linked to the original contribution years through continuous PLCW’s?


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