Full time student or not?

I’d be incredibly grateful for any input.

I have a person under 25 who’s been placed in temp. Last year, she was a full time student. She is due to give birth early next year but not yet. She was previously living with family. No other relevant exceptions. In August, she spoke to her uni and agreed deferment – unclear of communication with SF. She’s in significant temp rent arrears.

She just received a student finance payment. I have explained that you are normally considered to be a FT student with deferment. She is now considering abandonment due to her wider circumstances. Here are my queries:

1) Does being paid student finance inherently means she is a full time student for benefit purposes?
2) If she is later considered to have abandoned her course, does the SF still count as income beyond the date it was paid? I.e. if she goes to UC and HB and has proof of course abandonment from 22.9
3) Along the same vein, if she has proof of abandonment and proof she’s paid the SF back, would this be a viable option?
3) If she is stuck as a student, does this status ‘expire’ with the end of the period that student finance was due to cover?

Any other ideas gratefully received – she’s really risking eviction and the SF she received is reduced because they’re not aware that she’s left home so is basically the same amount as her rent arrears.

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