fraud and UC claims


We have four UC claimants in our area who tell me that they have been made redundant in April but that the employer is still reporting that they are employed and are claiming furlough (same employer).  The case has been reported to HMRC and UC partnership team have been assisting. In one case, UC accepted that she wasnt been paid wages and paid her, along with arrears. However, the next month, same thing happened and UC not paid again. In one of the other cases, UC is being paid but at a much reduced rate, and two are receiving nothing at all.

In addition, we have another case (only picked up today) where someone is using claimants NINO and name and working and earnings are being reported, so again, UC is suspended (and has been since October). This man is getting the run around between UC who tell him to contact HMRC and then gets sent back again. He has reported this fraud also.  I have referred this to partnership team.

All of these people are practically destitute through no fault of their own, and things seem to be taking a long time to resolve. Bank statements have been provided to show nothing going into account (which I guess is not totally conclusive) but I feel pretty helpless really and just wondered if anyone had any suggestions. I can try to get MP involved and I can make a complaint about length of time taken – but is there anything else I might be able to do (other than keep pushing UC?)

thank you

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