Footballers and IIDB

Saw this in the press yesterday –

A former Wales international footballer who developed dementia had died after heading heavy leather balls during his career, an inquest heard on Thursday.

Alan Jarvis, 76, who played for Everton, Hull City and Mansfield Town during his career before retiring from the game at the age of 30, died at a nursing home at Mold, North Wales, last December. A coroner at Ruthin recorded a conclusion of death due to an industrial disease.

Coroner John Gittins said Jarvis had pneumonia as a result of Alzheimer’s disease. He said: “The situation is by no means unequivocal. It must be very clear I am not saying playing professional football always causes dementia.”

But, on the balance of probabilities, in the case of Jarvis his previous occupation had been “a factor” in his decline. Gittins said there had been other recorded cases of a similar nature including that of footballer Jeff Astle. “There may well be more in the future as science catches up,” Gittins remarked.

Recall the IIAC looking at whether footballers are at an increased risk of dementia or motor neurone disease back in 2005 (and concluding not)

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