Financial support for domestic abuse victims with no R2R?

What provision/LA powers or legislation covers housing and financial support for domestic abuse victims for someone with pre-settled status and (seemingly) no R2R for benefits (in Scotland)?

Were there any additional measures made during the pandemic?

I’m interested in the above in general, but for background:

A client was refused multiple UC claims on HRT, but before and through that period was provided with LA support (not benefits) as a DA victim for housing and a weekly allowance. This continued until they were moved to a new LA where all support stopped.

We are looking at supporting them with new claims to benefits now on R2R as a worker, but there is a period before they started work where they may not have had a R2R and accrued rent arrears for temporary accommodation.

I’m doing some fact finding, but in the meantime I’m just not clear on what provisions they LA could have been supporting them under.

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