face to face assessments for DLA and PIP restarted?

Have they restarted? A client has told me “My daughter had recently submitted renewal for PIP and received text saying she may be asked to attend for face to face assessment.”

There’s this (‘syndicated’?) ‘news’ which appeared in several local papers on 17th Sept titled: ‘DWP issues crucial PIP and DLA update on face to face assessments’. It says: ‘Some planned award reviews and some DLA reassessment started again in July but the DWP have issued an update about restarting face to face assessments.’

‘The DWP have decided to continue with the telephone based assessments and paper based reviews for now, but say they will review the process regularly in accordance with the Covid-19 measures.’

Which to me shows there is no change (the ‘news’ is there’s no change!)

It links to this
which says:

‘4.Under COVID-19 provisions, claimant may have their claim assessed based on telephony assessments, alongside paper based reviews (Under normal circumstances, claimant may be called for face-to-face assessment conducted by AP).’

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