Evidencing a Special Rules decision – PIP

Hello all,

I’m being asked for proof a former client’s PIP was awarded on the basis of Special Rules. The reason for this is for a potential discretionary increase in priority for medical needs re-housing.

My actual evidence for this comes from a case note when I phoned the PIP service centre using implicit consent, asking if a mystery payment was from them – they confirmed that it was and was under special rules. The client is bad with paperwork and requires interpretation – they were never able to provide paperwork, hence the call at the time.

The client has never disclosed terminal illness and I am not sure that they are aware of that fact which makes this awkward.

If the re-housing department insist on written proof beyond my filenote, and we e.g. re-ordered a copy of the award letter, does this state that the award is under Special Rules? I must admit that I have never seen an award letter following this type of application, which is usually handled by Macmillan or similar in my experience. I’m personally doubtful it would.

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