Evidence required by UC to demonstrate that an extension to LTR has been applied for?

Has anyone worked with a UC claimant who’s made an application for their leave to remain to be extended, and is waiting for a decision? I’m aware of the ADM which says they can still be treated as having leave until a decision is made on his application (C1379). Client’s sent me a HO online confirmation of the application submitted with a UKVI reference number but this doesn’t specify what application’s been made; will he need a letter from his solicitor as well as evidence for UC? I don’t know much about immigration work and wondering if this is likely to be at extra cost?

The UC HRT decision for client and his wife is marked as for review on the date the current leave expires. I don’t want him to risk UC ending as he’s no other income and this might also cause problems with his HB for temp accommdation.

Thanks in advance.

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