ESA MR postal address when no decision?

Think this has been brought up a few times before, but couldn’t find the thread.

I have a client with a suspended irESA claim – it’s a co-habitation case, and DWP have made a decision on the alleged partner’s claim to disallow his separate ESA claim from 2017.
However, rather than stopping her claim too, they are keeping it ‘live, but suspended’ until His appeal can be decided (or they agree to claim as a couple).

I managed to squeeze out of DWP the date that a decision was made to suspend her claim, and from what date it was suspended (she only found out about any of this when her money stopped).

Thinking I can submit an MR on this basis, but not sure where to send it to?

I’m off on leave today, so would appreciate a quick response. so I can get this started before I leave.

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