ESA 365 day period ended – reinstating ESA due to eligibility for SG

Hi and Happy New Year all!

I have a client whose 365 day period ended in July 2020, and he has confirmed with ESA that he has been receiving NI credits since then on the basis that he has a LCW.  Cl’s condition has worsened so he may now be eligible for the SG.  DRH says he can “reinstate” his “claim” and he won’t have to satisfy NI conts conditions again, and will have no assessment period or waiting days.  To do this it says that he should “make a new claim for ESA”.

Cl has called ESA however, who have said instead of making a new claim, he should write a letter saying his condition has worsened and sending evidence.  This suggests they are looking to treat this as a supersession.

Does anyone know if this is correct – as they are only crediting NI, there is no claim as such as far as I understand it, so not sure how it can be superseded?

Many thanks 🙂

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