Energy Customer Support Fund applications – FCA approved advice

Hi everyone – not sure this is the right place for this, but there is so much knowledge on rightsnet! We apply for a lot of grants for our clients when appropriate and when we have capacity, and I was wondering if anyone can advise on applying for the support funds provided by energy companies, e.g. British Gas Energy Trust, EDF, Eon has on etc., but the applications for these are normally turned down because their budget is not balanced yet.

I’m not a debt or FCA-approved adviser, so possibly they are turned down because other than a completed budget sheet it’s not clear if the application is supported by specifically a debt/FCA-approved adviser.

The budget sheets are as accurate as possible, but normally don’t balance because something like their council tax reduction hasn’t been processed yet, so their current outgoings are more than incoming because things like CTR are yet to be figured out, or they haven’t submitted actual meter readings but have   a hefty bill based on estimates that is imminently due. Does anyone have any advice on submitting successful applications to these kind of funds?

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