Employment and Support Allowance

Hi – i just wanted to see if anyone has had experience of this and what should be done?

Our tenant has been on ESA since 2018 and he was placed in the wrag group following his 1st ESA assessment, and he was asked to attend a new assessment on the 31.05.19. He attended the assessment and did not hear anything further until he called DWP on the 07.11.2019 asking if there was a decision re the assessment.

He was told that the medical assessment report from the assessment never came to the DWP from Capita so nothing had been done on his claim. He explained that he was having further surgery soon, so he was placed in the support group as from the 07.11.2019 – the date he contacted DWP.

He queried why the extra element was not taken back to the date the assessment was conducted, and was told that they could only start it from when he contacted the DWP.

I am going to be writing a late MR re this decision however just wanted to see if anybody had experienced a situation like this before.

Thank you

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