Effective date of Support Group element in ESA

I have a client who is on ESA and was in WRAG. In August 2019 the DWP started another WCA process and the client returned a completed ESA50. In November 2020 DWP decided he had LCWRA and paid SG component from the date of decision.  I have asked for MR arguing this was a supersession under reg 23 of UC etc (D&A) regs and that under Sched 1 para 10 this was a supersession started under S of S’s own initiative and so the effective date should be from when the action was first commenced (ie when the ESA50 was issued).  DWP are so far resisting this argument. Am I missing something or is there a better argument I could put forward?  Any thoughts or experiences about this would be most welcome. This client did not have a specific incident which created the change of circs, but his mental health has just gradually deteriorated over time.  Thanks

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