DWP requiring astonishing range of photo evidence in support of claim for universal credit

Spotted via a tweet from the Public Interest Law Centre:

Our client received this message on his #universalcredit online account this week.

As if it wasn’t hard enough to claim UC…

(Point 5 is what kidnappers do, which seems appropriate.)

Are others getting these messages?

‘Further to today’s phone call, I now require you to provide the following information. If you don’t provide all of the information that we’ve requested your claim will be closed. 1. A photo of your ID card or passport open on the photo page. 2. A photo of your ID card or passport open on the photo page held next to your face. 3. A photo of you stood outside the front door (open behind you) of the property you live at. Ask someone to take this from the street so that whole property can be seen. 4. A photo of you stood next to your street sign with your right hand holding it. Ask someone to take this photo from a few metres away so that the background can be clearly seen. 5. A photo of you holding your local newspaper for the area you live (not a national tabloid newspaper). This should be dated the same day you upload the photo. Please note, once you upload these details, we may still require you to attend a Jobcentre appointment before any consideration is given to awarding your Universal Credit. I’ve created an upload in your To Do list …’



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