DWP case trawls

Disability Rights published a story about the latest case trawl following MM in the Supreme Court.  Apparently, DWP’s FAQs include this :-

“What about claims where the DWPs award has been appealed? What about claimants who have appealed their PIP claim and their award was decided by a tribunal?

We do not have the power to change decisions made by a Tribunal on the basis that their decision is wrong in law. Therefore, we do not plan to review cases where the award decision was made by a Tribunal.”

(apologies if this is on rightsnet as well – first search that came up).

I have a man who has 4 points for difficulties engaging with other people now, and he feels he should have had 4 points before, when a Tribunal awarded him standard rate Daily Living. 

Are DWP right? 

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