DWP and landlord passing the parcel over ‘missing’ payments

So I’ve got a slightly sticky one at the moment. My client lives in a housing association property. His UC Housing Costs element covers, I believe, his full rent (or very close to at least) and is paid direct to the landlord. However he has got a few hundred pounds worth of arrears. On diving through his rent account this appears to be because three payments of the UC housing costs element are missing from the landlords information. One at the beginning of 2019, one towards the end of 2019 and one in the middle of 2020. He has been a jobseeker throughout this time and there’s no other income, partner, children, savings or anything else that could effect the calculations of his UC.

Now, I’ve checked his UC statements via his journal thoroughly and all the statements around the relevant months clearly state that he gets a housing costs element and that this is paid directly to his landlord. My client is certain that he hasn’t been paid any of this money himself. The DWP are fairly adamant that they’ve paid the money as per the statements (though I have asked on the journal for them to be more specific such as what dates did they make the missing payments, etc). Meanwhile the landlord are adamant that they’ve not had the these payments and in the most recent communication from the person I’m dealing with at the landlord stated that their UC Team have checked and can’t see that any payments have been missed on their end.

So from my perspective I’ve got a client who is being chased (gently to be fair) for rent arrears which according to the DWP UC statements he shouldn’t owe as the three missing payments were all made (and would more than cover the arrears) but according to the landlords rent account and their checking he does as they never got the money. Suggestions and ideas on how to solve this gratefully received!

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