DLA to PIP Supersession – what date?

Dear All,

One of our clients has now been awarded PIP ER for both, after we submitted a change of circumstances to his DLA in November 2019. we returned his PIP form early December, and within the one month.

The decision has just been made, on 25 April, and we have been told over the phone that the new PIP award will start from 27/05 (4 weeks after the decision was made). Further, the PIP enquiry line that this cannot be backdated as his DLA award continued.

Is that correct?

With a usual PIP supersession Regulation 23(1) of the Decisions and Appeals regulations would apply, and that would, we think, mean from the date of the request

However, it is not clear if this applies if it is a DLA to PIP case?

Thanks in advance

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