DLA renewals for children – late issuing of renewal forms

Further to this thread:

regarding resumption of reviews/renewals for adults,  we are noticing a number of DLA renewals for children with a very tight schedule on the turn around (eg forms issued in November when current claim ends in January). 

I note for the adults’ awards due to end before 8/3/21 they were given automatic 12 months extension – have noticed nothing similar for child claims – have I missed anything beyond the initial extensions announced in this rightsnet story 23/4/20?


Really wanting to check if this is a local blip or if there are other examples across the country?

Obviously shorter timescales then usual, combined with delays in the post both on the way out (parent of two children with disabilities contacted us last week and was shocked when confirming date posted out as “had not had them that long”) and on way back in (Christmas!) let alone the pressure on advice services to assist in time is of concern.

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