disabled students and UC (again)

just had a case on this very subject today and whilst I have followed the gist of progress and the workarounds/law changes, further challenges etc, and I am aware that:-

a) the JR has now it seems been heard on the latest changes but judgement not yet handed down

b) further changes (which might of course be affected by the outcome of that JR) are due by 15.12.

so, for now, going off the posts in this thread, my client would have to claim so-called “credits only” NSESA to hope be placed into any LCW category….BUT ….he will not of course have any chance of undergoing and completing a WCA by 15/12 from a claim made today……other replies seem to say that a claimant would need a determination of LCW by the 15th and not simply be “in the process” of obtaining LCW status thru their NSESA claim by the 15th.

I appreciate that LCW can only be determined by WCA and that WCA only has to be undertaken (save for certain cases) by the 13th week…….so are we basically saying it is too late now to use the workaround???

I am minded to advise to claim NSESA in case everything reverts back as a consequence of the JR outcome??

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