Disability Facilities Grant


Not sure if this is in the correct category or if any-one with more experience than me can help. I’ve been helping a client who is looking for a grant for a stairlift for her husband. She was turned down for the Disability Facilities Grant and I queried whether this could be appealed.

I was told no and given this explanation:

“There is no right of appeal because the grant was not refused. There is a significant difference between a grant refusal and an applicant not being eligible. If an application was refused due to a subjective judgement, for example, that it was not reasonable or practical to adapt a property then the applicant would be able to appeal the decision. However the financial test of resources is required because the cost of work exceeds £6,000. Following the test of resources the applicant’s contribution significantly exceeds likely cost of the grant (a quote for the wet room has not been requested as the contribution was so high) therefore the applicant is not eligible for assistance from the council as they would have to fully fund the adaptation. The applicant has in essence been awarded a Nil Grant. We try not to use this terminology as the awarding of a grant of zero value raises expectations and causes confusion.

The only way we would be able to proceed with the application would be if the applicant’s financial position changed, including being in receipt of certain benefits. I will write to the applicant detailing exactly what financial information the test of resources has been based on and ask them to contact me should anything have changed.”

Is this completely true (the Council in question don’t have a strong record in telling us everything) and is there any way we can move forward with this – I wondered if Judicial Review would be an option but unsure.

Would be grateful for any thoughts on this.



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