Direction to provide opinion on appellant need for an appointee. 

Last week an appeal i took part in was adjourned prior to the appellant being added to the call on the basis of some information provided by a former partner / representative who had written tot he tribunal while representative to say he felt that the client was not ‘compos mentis’ and could not answer their questions.  On this basis the Tribunal informed that they didn’t ant the hearing to go ahead until they had seen further GP records .

In the adjournment notice they have asked that I provide my opinion on if the client should have an appointee.  I’m not sure why but this had made me feel uneasy!  As representative do we have a role to advise on whether she needs an appointee. I wouldn’t feel comfortable expressing an opinion on this unless I was very sure the client would be comfortable with my opinion. I’m not sure the tribunal have right to ask us as a representing organisation to give an opinion. 

The ex partner was apparently also listed as rep and we have been told to provide a letter asking for the ex partner to be removed as representative.  I wasn’t aware of this until the day of the hearing.  Can one representative in effect remove another representative?

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