Debut novel due out15/10/20

I think would have done very badly in lockdown if I hadn’t had a piece of luck and had a novel accepted for publication – this has kept me busy and ‘on the rails’ when not advising/fulminating about UC.

In a shameless piece of self-promotion, may I present ‘Nocturne: Wayman’s Sky’?

Guaranteed free of any reference to welfare benefits, it’s the story of a fanatical star-gazer who is bemused and enraged by lies and ‘twaddle’ gaining over the truth, and the way that many people seem to prefer to be lied to. 

Amazon link below – other sites will have it too, of course. Published 15/10/20, paperback, with an e-book version coming a bit later.

This is very much an ‘indie’ release with a small initial print run; I’d be very grateful to anyone willing to take a punt and see if they like it.

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