CTS – which regs which allow a revision

I know this sounds like a daft question so apologies

Our CTS scheme is based on the standard, default scheme which pretty much mirrored the old CTB regs

We made a terminating decision which was wrong ( terminating before 1 month had elapsed to provide info)

We then got a new claim within 1 month of terminating decision, – that was paid as a new claim which left a gap in entitlement – i raised both assessments as errors

the terminating decision for being done too early, the “new claim” assessment for not considering revising the terminating ( as received with 1 month)

The error is being queried as follows:

Can you give me the regs that allow us revise a decision to end a CTS claim? The 21 days + reasonable period needs to be allowed as reasonable before a decision is made. Once a decision is made then the claim has ended.

HB allows you to re-open within a further month + reasonable period due to ‘decisions and appeals’ regs, but no such regs exist in CTS

I admit I’m a bit floored by this – basically because every authority I have worked with since CTS who have the default scheme have allowed revisions of decisons.

I did ask what would happen if the customer queried /appealed the terminating decision – would we say _”oops, we can see we did it wrong but we dont have a mechanism for putting it right” – the reply was no, of course not, we’d fix it.

But I dont see how it can be fixed WITHOUT using a revision ?

Our assessors do routinely revise decisions – usually when customer says there income has dropped, but the current UC doesnt show it, we’ll send a nil qualifier and diarise for a month to check the updated UC – if theres entitlement on that, we “revise” the initial nil qualifier decison

So kind and lovely peple, – what / where in the default CTS scheme allows an LA to revise a terminating decison in CTS?

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